Evaporative Air Conditioner Service & Repairs

Evaporative Cooling is a ducted cooling system that is situated on top of your roof with ducts connecting to supplying cool fresh air into your home or business. Evaporative Cooling is the most common form of whole home air conditioning in Perth, because of it’s incredibly low running costs, it’s the cheapest form of ducted cooling, and you can leave your doors and windows open.

Oasis Air Conditioning specialises in carrying out repairs and routine maintenance of most evaporative air conditioners including Bonaire, Celair, Breezair, Coolair, Braemar, and Coolbreeze.

We recommend that your evaporative air conditioner should be serviced at least once a year to maintain optimum performance. It can be beneficial to have a service carried out before the arrival of summer and then a shutdown service once the colder weather arrives.

Being positioned high on your roof it is easy to forget that they are there. But the fact is they are there and they are open to the elements all year round. Containing expensive mechanical and electrical parts that should be maintained, a service will help enhance the lifespan of your system as well as improve its performance.

Our service technicians provide you with the peace of mind that your split air conditioning system is working efficiently.