Enjoy Complete Home Cooling With an Evaporative Air Conditioning System

If you are looking to cool your home with minimal outlay, an evaporative system could be the right choice for you.

Evaporative air conditioners have been a firm favourite of Western Australian families for many years. With the ability to draw cool, fresh outside air into the home and combined with low running costs evaporative air conditioners are a winner.

Installed with minimal disruption an evaporative air conditioner from Oasis will cool your entire home with fresh outside air.

How do evaporative air conditioners work?

Starting from a water filled reservoir, a pump is used to circulate water onto a cooling pad which subsequently becomes very wet. Once wet, air from outside is drawn through the cooling pad with the use a motor driven fan, this successively cools the air by evaporation.

To ensure that evaporative cooling works at an optimum level, the cooling pads must be really saturated throughout the operation and the systems fan and motor are designed properly to deliver the right amount of air into the home.

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